The Story of Chemdawg’s

Chemdawg’s Founders are advocates for the legalization of cannabis.  Their personal experience with cannabis put them on an ever-growing journey to decriminalize and normalize to help people in their own journeys.

Their dog Carl is a Victorian Bulldog and an official ESA (Emotional Support Animal), who inspired them through his attraction to cannabis. This attraction quickly earned him the name Chemdawg Carl.

Chemdawg Carl

Thankfully, Carl doesn’t have any particular ailments for which he needs medicating, but upon understanding the endocannabinoid system in pets, the founders recognized the nutritional benefits of cannabis and began to introduce CBD as a supplement into Carl’s life. “Cannabis has helped improve his health and quality of life.” Since supplementing with CBD, Carl’s coat has gotten extra shiny and he is always in good temperament.

Most people don’t yet realize their pets have an endocannabinoid system; but all animals have an endocannabinoid system, just like you and me.  This system helps maintain balance and keep the body in a normal healthy state.  Chemdawg’s Premium Hemp Infused products introduce many people to the health benefits of cannabis.  Cannabis is known for reducing anxiety, pain and inflammation.  Our products provide relief to your ailing pet and contribute to the overall quality, wellness, and longevity of your pet’s life.

About Chemdawg’s Formulas

Every Chemdawg’s product is made with the best all-natural, organic ingredients with proven homeopathic benefits. Lab tested and non-intoxicating, the active ingredients in each product are combined in strategic quantities for maximum synergy.

Chemdawg's Dog Treats

What is Chemdawg’s Mission?

Our goal is to contribute to the wellness and longevity of your dog’s or pet’s life.  Whether your pet is naturally hyperactive, is recovering from surgery, traveling long distances, dealing with aggression, loud noises like fireworks or new surroundings, your pet deserves to be able to chill. Chemdawg’s line of hemp-infused products will help your pup feel normal again in an all natural way.

The Chemdawg Pack Mentality

For each of us on the Chemdawg’s Team, our dogs are an essential part of our families. We look after them and care for them like our children. When they’re in pain or stressed, we feel it too. We believe the products we offer can give other families the same sense of relief we’ve found in caring for our dogs.

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