The Story of Chemdawg’s

Meet: Lauren Nicholls & Cory Sanson & Carl – Chemdawg’s Founders

Meet the owners of a local St. Louis CBD oil for dogs company out of St. Louis, MO. Cory Sanson & Lauren Nicholls.

Chemdawg’s Founders, Lauren Nicholls and Cory Sanson, reigning from St. Louis, Missouri, are advocates for cannabis medicinally and recreationally. Both Cory and Lauren’s personal relationships with cannabis blossomed into what is now Chemdawg’s.

Cory’s background is in substance abuse intervention, peer counseling, and recovery support which is rooted from his own personal recovery from opioids. In 2016, Cory began on a new venture with cannabis where he got experience working alongside caregivers and extraction artists in Denver, Colorado, learning tricks of the trade.

Lauren has been involved in the growing aspect of the cannabis industry for the past five years, in CA and MI. She medicates to alleviate anxiety attacks. Like many who struggle with anxiety, she used to take pharmaceutical medication and even tried counseling, but cannabis has been the only thing that helps. On an ever-growing journey to decriminalize and normalize, “I realized how much it helped me and I wanted to help other people”.

Meet the owners of Chemdawg's CBD for dogs company.

In 2017, Cory was in a medically induced coma for 16 days with a tracheostomy tube. Cannabis was used as a frontline analgesic (for pain) recovering from life threatening surgeries, instead of opioids as Cory has been sober since April 20th, 2013. Also acting as a witness to other people’s cannabis success stories, Cory feels confident in the healing powers of Cannabis. “I have found invaluable therapeutic relief from cannabis, and that’s why I want to share it with the world.”

While Cory was in recovery at the halfway house, he had a beloved dog friend Serenity who supported him through the process. Upon departure, he left Serenity to be a companion to other people along their journey to recovery.

Carl is a Victorian Bulldog, who came into Cory and Lauren’s life through a friend who shared a mutual appreciation for art and happened to have puppies available. Cory wanted to name their new pack member something cannabis related, and Carl quickly became Chemdawg Carl. As an official ESA (Emotional Support Animal), Carl goes everywhere with Cory and Lauren.

Carl loves being around cannabis. Early on, Cory noticed that Carl never wanted to be left out of the sesh. Recognizing Carl was drawn to cannabis, Cory contemplated but was initially weary to give him anything cannabis related.

Thankfully, Carl doesn’t have any particular ailments for which he needs medicating, but upon educating himself on the endocannabinoid system in pets, Cory recognized the nutritional benefits of cannabis and began to introduce CBD as a supplement in both his and Carl’s life.  “Cannabis has completely saved and changed my life. I don’t know if Carl’s life necessarily needed to be changed or saved but I feel like it helps improve his health and quality of life.” Since supplementing with CBD, Cory & Lauren has noticed that Carl’s coat has gotten extra shiny and he’s is always in good temperament. As you can likely tell, Carl is Chemdawg’s official mascot!

Rooted in Missouri, where cannabis legalization is still being fought for, Chemdawg’s Premium Hemp Infused products are igniting a much needed discussion about cannabis. Rather than venturing off to somewhere that cannabis is more widely accepted and understood, Cory and Lauren are proud to bring these products to the midwest and hope to help excite and educate with Chemdawg’s products. Most people don’t yet realize their pets have an endocannabinoid system; these products are a great natural segway into discussing the benefits of cannabis for humans as well.

Written by: Madison Ortiz @HappyTokes

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