We aim to use ChemDawg’s as a platform to educate and advocate for the benefits of hemp for dogs.


  • ChemDawg’s will regularly share numbered graphics with facts to keep the dialogue fresh and fun.  
    • See fact graphics that are currently available below.
  • Our blogs offer easily digestible information, summarize scientific studies and (will soon) share personal experiences from our Pack.
    • Graphic says “Learn more at ChemDawgHemp.com/blog”, which leads to all of the blogs we currently have published.
  • ChemDawg’s will encourage our Pack to read, engage in discussion, and share the graphics.
  • By utilizing different variations of 3 hemp byproducts: CBD Isolate, hemp seed oil, and hemp meal, we hope our products act as a catalyst for a necessary conversation about the varying benefits of different components of the plant.

Get Involved:

  • Share the graphics we provide.
    • If your account has the ‘swipe up link’ feature for IG stories, we sincerely appreciate you linking directly to our blog page or a singular blog post that associates to the fact.
  • Talk about It. With your audience, your friends & family, or the puppy-pal you meet at the park.
  • Send us leads on educational information so we can consider sharing with the whole Pack.
  • Thanks for helping our ChemDawg’s Pack grow by Inviting your fur-riends to get involved too.

#CBDawgs Facts

These are the facts we currently have available to share.
We will regularly update with new facts.



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