You like us. We like you. Let’s make it official.

We’d love to feature you on our blog!

If you’re interested, here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • Please answer the following questions.
    • They will be published Q&A style; we will edit slightly to clean up grammar, etc.
  • Give us access to at least 2 photos.
    • Your favorite ‘selfie’. (Just Dog, No Product)
    • Dog & Product

Interview Questions:

  1. Human Info
    1. Name(s)
    2. General Location
  2. Dog Info:
    1. Name(s)
    2. Breed(s)
    3. Age(s)
  3. Instagram Handle(s)
  4. Human: Please tell us a little about yourself .
    • Whatever you feel comfortable sharing.
    • Include how your dog(s) came into your life, or about the joy they bring to your life.
  5. Dog: Tell us a little about yourself.
    • Likes & quirks.
  6. Dog: Do you have a health story?
    • Why supplement with hemp?
    • Are you simply pursuing wellness & nutrition?
  7. How did you first find out about ChemDawg’s?
  8. What ChemDawg’s product(s) do you have experience with?
    • Yellow Label Treats
    • Blue Label Treats
    • Tincture
  9. Pick a favorite Fact from our #CBDawgs Campaign.
    • If there is a different fact or topic you’re interested in highlighting we’re open to consider adding it to the campaign.
    • We encourage you to post this fact in your story or as a permanent post, so you can officially be involved in the campaign.

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