Before diving into the heart of this resource we’d like to thank you for being a responsible pet owner and doing your research. Though we are happy to provide guidance, we’d like to encourage you to always cross reference new information with other trusted sources.

When Should I Give My Pet CBD?

You are responsible for making this decision for your pets. We’re happy to provide some insight.

Some people see CBD as a “medicine” and wait to give their pets CBD products until they notice a particular ailment or symptoms developing, which is a valid way to go about your thought process. Alternatively, we like to think of our products as nutritional supplements, so just like your daily vitamins, this is taken to supplement nutrients that aren’t found in your average dog food. With this preemptive mindset, you could include CBD into your pet’s ritual at any time.

How Do I Administer The Tincture?

    1. Add it to their food! The flavor profile is extremely mild, great for even the pickiest eaters.
    1. You can use the dropper to put it directly into their mouth. Some pets become so fond of their new routine they begin to ask for it.
  1. You can also cook something special for your pet with it.

Determining Dosage

Please refer to dosage recommendations are on the side of the packaging of our individual products. Labels can be viewed on product listings. Start with a low tester dosage and then work up to a higher amount, as needed.

Our treats are designed to be taken daily to experience the full benefits of our relaxing botanical blends but we always recommend that you decide what you feel helps your dog. Our Blue Label treat contains ZERO CBD and is a great way to introduce Hemp into your dog’s diet as a supplement, without cannabinoids, if you are hesitant for any reason.

The droppers on our oil tincture has a line of measurement so you can be fully aware of dosage. Each pet is different and much like humans no endocannabinoid system works in exactly the same way. We encourage you to try regimented dosing of 5-6 weeks before determining effectiveness for your pet.

Chemdawg’s Due Diligence

Every unique body is differently affected by the various ingredients in our nutritional supplements, so we can not offer any guarantees with our products. It’s important to test one product at a time, consistently in order to properly gauge effectiveness. Try not to judge effectiveness after just one use; products are intended to be used consistently. If a negative reaction occurs, discontinue immediately and speak with your vet.  

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